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Annur Masjed Accommodation


Special attention was considered at the design phase of Annur Masjed before its construction.

The design of Annur Masjed was not only focused on constructing a building which hold a space area for praying associated with its required facilities for washing and W.C.

Actually the design considered a wider and global objective which in turn established a building which would serve as an Islamic Culture Center. To carry out different activities side by side to the prim task of any masjed , which is praying.

So the Masjed building was designed to compromise three platforms. The three platforms were segmented as follow :-

First floor : Which consist of three isolated areas as follow

1-      Masjed front area heading the north west and on which hold the main entrance to the building facilities. It lead to females isolated praying area on which is associated with washing and W.C. dedicated facilities.

Also it have the main stares on which lead to the second floor and on turn to the third floor.

2-      Masjed rare area heading the south west on which designed to hold two Isolated studios where each one act as a separate accommodation studio

With detailed design facilitating each to have a sleeping room, kitchen, W.C.

Each studio would be announced for rent, So its income fees would act

As an extra financial input in support to the  Masjed running and maintenance expenses.

3-      Masjed rare area heading the north east on which hold an isolated room with its own entrance and it is assigned for halal food facility.

Associated by this room an isolated  storage room for tools and/or instruments.


Second floor : Consist of three areas as follow

1-      Main area for males praying

2-      Washing facilities and W.C. in addition to a bathroom.

3-      Small room act as storage area and communication infrastructure instruments.


Third floor  :  an open space area for lectures and social and/or cultural activities and/or events.

The area can be segmented whenever required to two areas by a removable Partitioning  boards.



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